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Sled bathing

Sled bathing

Become a musher for half a day,
drive your own dog team along the snowy slopes
Husky hicke

Husky hicke

At the discovery of the alpine trails pulled by a sled dog.
The hike will have never been easier for you thanks to their power
Panoramical tour

Panoramical tour

A view to cut the breath without effort!
Admire our beautiful valle sitting in the sled
Kart trip

Kart trip

 Settled on the summer sleigh enjoy an effortless getaway along the mountain liners

Live an unforgettable experience

In the company of my pack of sled dogs come discover enchanting landscapes and an atmosphere out of time.

During the scenic tours you will walk through the valleys of the Val de Bagne comfortably seated on sheep skins in the sled pulled by eight loving and motivated dogs.

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Je me ferais un plaisir de vous faire découvrir ma passion pour les chiens de traineau. Passion qui brûle en moi depuis mes 14 ans quand j'ai découvert ce monde magique en compagnie d'Olivia (Eywa's Trail) lors des week-end ou je venais l'aider.

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